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49ers Tote Bag in Niners Red

49ers Tote Bag in Niners Red

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49ers Tote Bag - Niners Red Color )


This hot-selling 49ers Tote Bag is flying off the shelves! When in stock, we offer this bag in large and  medium sizes. What about small, you ask? Sorry-not-sorry; Buy 49ers does not support Totes for Ants. Providing a stylish and comfortable toting experience whether you're lounging on the beach or out on the town — in perhaps one of Buy 49ers’ exclusive crop tops? Warning: Do not attempt unless prepared for male attention.

In summary, if “Fashion” and “Quality” met “Utility” & “49ers Faithful” on JDate and somehow that led to a baby (ignore the logistics), that glorious child would be this bag. It's also professionally made from reliable materials, so it's guaranteed to last for many Super Bowls —and perhaps many Super Bowl victories if A REF WOULD JUST THROW A FLAG ON ALL THE LINEMEN TACKLING BOSA.

So, go ahead, Large and/or Medium 49ers tote bag. Don't be shy; jump into that shopping cart and make something of yourself. This is your destiny, our little friend. We’ll miss you, but you have important work to do.



  • Boxed corners
  • Black cotton handles
  • Black lining and general awesomeness
  • Sweet, sweet 49ers Red
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