Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does offer personally customized products?

  2. For you? Absolutely. If you're looking for an item in a different color or size, or have an idea for a specific product, just hit us up and we'll work with you to make it happen.

  3. Is officially affiliated with the San Francisco 49ers?

  4. No, although many of our products are inspired by the Niners and the Faithful, and our organization has participated in 49ers-related charity efforts, Buy49ers is not affiliated with the team. You can find the Niners' official online store with Fanatics at, and their Team Store at Levi's Stadium - just be sure to check their hours before you make the drive.

  5. Can I contact with questions or if I need assistance?

  6. Of course, and we encourage you to do so! Email, phone, text, social media - whatever works best for you. Unless you're a spammer or telemarketer - in that case, absolutely not.

    But if you just happen to be employed as a telemarketer, but you're calling us in a personal, non-telemarketing capacity, then it's all good; knock yourself out! :)